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All seven pages are up in COLOR. The last page nearly destroyed my hand, but I think it was worth the effort. If you'll excuse me now, I'm going to go do something less crippling and carpel tunnel wrecking like open a bunch of tightly closed pickle jars.

I considered updating the page above, but since it's only seven pages it makes more sense to just leave it. Most people will be reading it for the first time anyway.

Hope the story makes sense.

By the way, I'm using the term "xeno" as alien that is from outside of the galaxy (universe, or whatever) that Claire and Ann are stranded in. There are an abundance of aliens, but then there are ALIENS like Claire and Ann that have come from... BEYOND, I guess.

You may feel the words are not quite right, but they are. I just wrote them myself.

I'll probably go back to working on chapter 3. WAY behind on fulfilling that. And probably work on some other things that will distract me. Haven't don any animation in a while. Also gotta find a real job now that most of my freelance has dried up.

I also relisted the Etsy stuff for what that's worth.



-"Soooooo last year" news-

I did do this though, because Korra is a pretty cool show that should have at least four more seasons.

I also did a few stray company man comics.

Have a great couple holidays, people! Thanks for your patience.




New thing I'm going to try... maybe. The recent terrible election in Kansas has motivated me to try some political cartoons. Because, well, Brownback and the local republican thugs are going to provide a lot of material. That having been said, I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep up with it. As much as I despise Brownback and would like to make comics at his expense, there are more important things I need to be doing. (Like... finding a real money-paying job.)

For now I just have this in with the company man stuff. It's kind of a big comic that requires scrolling. Depending on how committed I become, I might launch a blog or wordpress site to keep my Kansas regional nonsense separate from my other nonsense.

And why is Dick Clark in the comic? Well, I need to work harder on my Brownback caricature.

Did you see this yet?

I'll probably get back to xenozoo pages but I don't know when I'll have anything up. The end of the year and beginning of next is probably going to be rough...

Regarding Etsy, most of the few items I had expired and I haven't relisted them yet. I'll probably wait for the remaining items to expire and relist all of them at once. That way I can pay stupid Etsy once instead of a month here and month there. Items are available in my own store, right here of course.

I guess I should also mention I took about half of the SSC comics down from the site in order to try and sell the zine. I'll put them back up when I go through my stock.


-Old News-

Three, four years ago now, I started Chapter 3 and then abandoned it for a re-write. I'm working on filling that gap in now and have six new pages up. (The first page of which is above.) It should be about another 60 pages to finish the chapter. Considering how long it took me to finish chapter 5, who knows how long it will take.

The problem in the mean time is that the new pages throw a wrench into the navigation of the comic since the new content is between chapters 2 and 4. Hopefully the way I have the links set up won't confuse readers tooooo much.

Sorry, this doesn't mean that I'm back to making regular(ish) updates. I'll work on it as I can and still want/need to get a real job. I'm going to jump around from different projects for a bit. I am going to do a four page epilogue to chapter 5 next. And try to make a cover for it. In between everything else I will be working on Super Science Club comics and still have a Company Man comic I want to finish and some animated nonsense.

Stay tooned.


-Old, old News-

You can reread chapter 5 from the beginning here.

There are chapter notes here if anyone is interested. I wouldn't mind anyone's thoughts about the comic if they wanted to let me know through the facebook page. (Quick note that I've made all the corrections and revisions since putting up the last set of pages, but reserve the right to make more later.)

You might also be interested in these comics that I've been working on throughout the year.

As I mentioned before, I'm not sure what will happen next. I might make a cover and/or a short 3 page epilogue. My original plan after that was to go back and finally fill in the massive hole that is chapter 3. But I think that I'm to the point where I need to stop and get a real job. I'm not going to go into every reason why I have to stop. (It mostly has to do with being unemployed for years and not getting enough freelance to support myself.) I'm just tired of not having things and need to get back to a steady paycheck even if it means moving boxes in a warehouse. I still intend to work on the comic and other things, but they can't be a priority. (I'll probably be working on chapter 3, but won't post until I have a significant buffer.)

I'll probably post something every once and a while though (like the image link below). So keep tuned to the twitter or facebook pages. I have some cool people following me on twitter now and that is a little encouraging!

Thanks again for reading,


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